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- At this rate. Not eve. ...2011.07.19 19:06:00
- OP is right. Especially with point 2. I am not happy being locked out of some features of the game ...2011.07.19 19:02:00
- I Care. How many updates have we gotten for vanity items. How many updates have we gotten for fixe ...2011.07.19 16:49:00
- I'm bent that they'll be looking into expanding the Gold store which takes away development from the ...2011.07.19 16:45:00
- If I pay cash for a premium item I want an advantage. Like maybe 10% speed increase ot weapon power. ...2011.06.16 14:14:00
- I actually don't want them to have anything to do with micro transactions. It baffles me that the 3 ...2011.06.16 14:10:00
- NO ...2011.06.09 02:17:00
- This content can be given to us for no additional charge. CCP will get way more subscriptions from I ...2011.06.07 02:31:00
- BlehNo. Our threads will blot out the sun. Or their webserver. This thread is unique in that it is ...2011.06.04 21:00:00
- We need more topics for this because it needs to get fixed. Its too annoying. ...2011.06.04 20:31:00
- +1 to fix this now. ...2011.06.04 20:26:00
- Any word on a fix to this? ...2011.06.04 20:16:00
- Edited by: Trocent on 04/06/2011 05:51:21 Yeah. **** this ****. I nearly GCCed in highsec because ...2011.06.04 05:50:00
- Jesus guys how much money do you actually need here325000 subscribers/15.00USD a month 4,875,000 a m ...2011.06.02 14:02:00
- Nice post, I'll quote it. We've been doing all this work to put avatars in the game because many m ...2011.05.28 18:50:00

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