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- I remember reading that, in the next patch, there will be the ability to run "ghost clients" for dev ...2010.05.13 18:38:00
- Here is what I want to see:IF CONCORD IS ON YOUR KILLMAIL, YOU GET NO INSURANCE..... PERIODWhile t ...2010.03.31 01:30:00
- Montreal pilot reporting in... what is the general day that the meeting happens, and by "bi-monthly" ...2010.03.03 03:58:00
- Ouch...Cross your fingers and hope that the problem is only the power supply that is burnt out. If y ...2010.03.03 03:53:00
- Proudly Canadian! :) ...2010.03.01 02:15:00
- Whenever you buy something that you know NPCs sell, you have to be careful that you are not buying a ...2010.02.25 16:25:00
- You don't want this. You really don't. Then you'd have people whining about the carebears making ton ...2009.10.16 20:16:00
- It sounds like a good idea, but the implementation (and balancing it) would be hard. In a way, what ...2009.10.16 14:58:00
- Edited by: Paddlefoot Aeon on 16/10/2009 20:12:01 Note: Just to be clear... I know this won't happe ...2009.10.16 14:13:00
- I get this mental image of a Blaster-thron with 2 NOS fitted, local reppers, plates and supplementar ...2009.10.09 14:28:00
- Edited by: Paddlefoot Aeon on 08/10/2009 21:04:34 The Galactica hot drop is awesome, but I have to ...2009.10.08 21:04:00
- I like the changes... keeps things interesting.Changing moon goo material usage in T2 items is a goo ...2009.10.05 15:02:00
- Having had the large alliance experience (at least in terms of forums), I think that if there are en ...2009.09.29 14:11:00
- There is so much "geek" in this thread its dripping off the walls.Awesome! ...2009.09.24 19:30:00
- Maybe because I'm Canadian, but I look at an 11% tax and go "meh".Think of this 11% as a safety tax. ...2009.09.23 14:24:00

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