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- are u wish get my self ? my skill link in here ------------- ...2010.01.05 22:36:00
- Every time a poor programmer-type of person such as myself starts to feel good about fixing stuff, ...2009.09.11 22:47:00
- im paying eve with isk for more then a year. and i love it!im just a poor student, and the monthly r ...2009.07.25 00:14:00
- A simple scenario is how do 'space holding' alliances defend against a pos bowling roaming gang of s ...2009.01.07 00:25:00
- In light of the new update, i'd like to thank CCP for continuing the investigation and updating the ...2008.12.19 22:13:00
- Haven't read the whole thread, but to the OP: ROFL ...2008.12.19 07:57:00
- Signed ...2008.12.11 00:33:00
- Local as an info tool: We want to put local in 0.0 as a delayed mode channel so only people who tal ...2008.12.01 22:45:00
- Hey Zac o/ ...2008.12.01 00:12:00
- Instead of going through all these many changes, why not fix the one issue that is currently broken: ...2008.07.25 23:19:00
- SD'ing capitals are a joke. This needs a fix ...2008.06.24 23:37:00
- The problem is not range, but the fact that webs don't actually do what they say they do.Webs are su ...2008.06.24 23:26:00
- That video deserves to be crossposted, so that the general public gets to see it. ...2008.05.31 22:13:00
- More MOAR!Amazing work, it was really great to see something like thatWhen is the next episode comin ...2008.05.31 20:59:00
- Anyone? ...2008.05.30 03:22:00

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