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- Just in case this isn't a troll, (because it's a good troll I am still not totally sure) Helena, mos ...2011.08.17 21:37:00
- This troll gets a 9/10 IMO. Bravo Helena! You trolled us good! ...2011.08.17 21:22:00
- Milonia,3,8,12,15,17,31,35,52,56,61,86,88,140 ...2011.08.01 04:36:00
- I like the idea of all the same ammo and changing charge levels to affect range and tracking. Make c ...2011.07.18 04:18:00
- We love alts! ...2011.07.13 02:56:00
- I guess reading comprehension was never your strong point was it? ...2011.07.11 00:04:00
- Actually, yeah, I think neuting should be made harder. Or have a skill added that makes you more r ...2011.07.10 23:13:00
- Edited by: Milonia on 10/07/2011 23:04:51 neuts will neutWow! Great contribution to the discussion! ...2011.07.10 23:05:00
- No.Make minimum warp distance farther, but do NOT make it longer to scan someone down. This would ha ...2011.07.10 22:44:00
- I obviously support my own idea. ...2011.07.10 22:42:00
- This change would fix a couple things. The problems right now with balance:1) Active tanking is horr ...2011.07.10 22:39:00
- As an anti-pie even I think the current mechanic is ridiculous. ...2011.07.04 02:31:00
- +1 ...2011.07.04 01:06:00
- I have been getting a rash of new players attempting to join my corporation and then accept another ...2011.06.29 06:20:00
- Ok just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. I also want the no pants option. If some peo ...2011.06.26 06:54:00

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