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- yes SOON ...2011.07.19 08:27:00
- the game version and sisi mirror are diffrent things ccp will mirror sisi when they feel like it or ...2011.06.22 11:39:00
- if you press jump again it should work systems are not loaded unless someone is in systems ...2011.03.17 15:13:00
- answer to your question1) yes there is a test version of eve-gate2a) will not happen as it is a ques ...2011.03.03 11:30:00
- the last mirror was in January so not much chance of another till probably late march if not April ...2011.02.17 16:52:00
- Is there a way then to update the test server with my new password?not as far as i know you may need ...2011.02.04 19:49:00
- if you changed your password after 18th January then the problem is that the test server is using yo ...2011.02.04 15:41:00
- Edited by: Jokiller Solarius on 23/01/2011 12:09:45 autopatcher use's your systems primary drive to ...2011.01.23 12:09:00
- i would try the sisi launcher first ...2010.11.20 14:14:00
- 2 quick questions1) what graphics card are you running2) when was the last time you updated the driv ...2010.10.23 10:19:00
- just looked at changes in eve gate all seem fine just need a clarification of one line about public ...2010.10.20 16:42:00
- Edited by: Jokiller Solarius on 20/10/2010 16:39:11 Edited by: Jokiller Solarius on 20/10/2010 16:3 ...2010.10.20 16:36:00
- size of cc will not matter with incursion as there is now only one cc for each planet that can be up ...2010.10.19 20:33:00
- your idea fails at the first post due to ccp removing the different command centers and changing the ...2010.10.19 12:47:00
- sort answer was in but could not test last time due to problems with it accepting changes and the co ...2010.10.12 18:48:00

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