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- Nobody has a clue what you're talking about. Perhaps these patches you are using have contaminated y ...2005.04.18 19:44:00
- Wouldnt it just be easier to keep harassing CCP for the corp controls (which probably would have eit ...2005.04.18 19:37:00
- Nope, seriously, people just don't get it. Missiles aren't going to be "sorted." It's either impos ...2005.04.18 19:32:00
- No, it's not like complaining that there is no destroyer with drone bonuses, it's like complaining t ...2005.04.18 19:20:00
- but even though you appearantly found some way to gank people in a Dominix it's not the best ship in ...2005.04.18 18:20:00
- I know what I'd pay for. CCP to host forums etc for corps. 5 per month for the basic, no firlls IGB ...2005.04.18 18:14:00
- Edited by: RollinDutchMasters on 18/04/2005 18:08:14 One, threatening to quit is pathetic. Just do ...2005.04.18 18:08:00
- And lets nor forget, a Dominix will still need large turrets in order to acctually deal enough damag ...2005.04.18 17:57:00
- I would buy a patch to completely remove missile and drone models.I'd rather see a little X flying a ...2005.04.18 17:51:00
- The Marketing department is always on the look-out for different ideas to increase the revenue strea ...2005.04.18 17:42:00
- i didn't see any bombersThey wouldnt be stealth if you did. ...2005.04.18 17:36:00
- Well not making any idiot mistakes thenIf someone is so idiot that is unable to destroy an defensele ...2005.04.18 17:27:00
- Edited by: RollinDutchMasters on 18/04/2005 17:07:34 "If Warp Scrambled correctly YOUR SHIP DOES NO ...2005.04.18 17:07:00
- Edited by: RollinDutchMasters on 18/04/2005 17:01:36 Blasteraxx VS Moaning = Dead Blasteraxx (given ...2005.04.18 17:00:00
- I'm RPing a Gallente Citizen who's ****ed off that even though he has almost an 8.0 faction standing ...2005.04.18 15:08:00

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