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- Ok we'll just have to disagree there. Thanks for the discussion, and I'm sorry about your friend Mar ...2011.09.01 08:31:00
- Edited by: Takseen on 31/08/2011 13:59:09Mothers are responsible for these choices as much as father ...2011.08.31 13:59:00
- TO clarify, when I say that raising kids is a charitable act, I mean that it is something that you s ...2011.08.31 12:12:00
- Interesting. It seems to be a private enterprise albeit with some government support from Congo. And ...2011.08.31 07:04:00
- Since when do you "get paid" to look after kids? Child raising is, inherently, a charatable act. Ask ...2011.08.31 06:47:00
- It'd be easier to take you seriously if there wasn't such a huge disconnect between what you're sayi ...2011.08.31 06:43:00
- Interesting. I'll be looking for some more info on this as it filters through the scientific communi ...2011.08.30 20:21:00
- Looking after kids is a free ride? Sure thing broseph. They're not even vaguely self sufficient till ...2011.08.30 16:45:00
- 3. I agree. Children are as big a commitment as marrage, you don't get away scott free just because ...2011.08.30 09:44:00
- Bull****. She chose to file for devorce, she chose to request to be prime carer. She has full respon ...2011.08.30 07:05:00
- WoW LotRO(microtransactions online) Guild Wars(if you can call that an MMO) ...2011.08.29 19:20:00
- Next, as far as the money goes you most people in here have a funny view on what the point of alimon ...2011.08.29 14:38:00
- I got as far as "Without the tyranny of Rothschild control over the issuance of money, we could al ...2011.08.29 08:46:00
- What none dare say Interesting article, but it fails to explain a number of things. It keeps br ...2011.08.18 09:34:00
- Edited by: Selinate on 28/07/2011 23:31:23Also really Mexico isn't a 3rd world country anymore, they ...2011.07.29 10:16:00

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