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- I'd like to nominate myself, not because I'm a celebrity, not because I deserve it, just because I h ...2007.01.11 23:30:00
- The room he entered was a dingy space with none of the signs of high technology to which he had beco ...2006.07.10 00:12:00
- Rain pattered down on his cloak as he strolled through the streets, it was a strange experience for ...2006.07.08 12:46:00
- I fully endorse this product/serviceyay for teh Gnauton!, yay for teh Tony Gonzales!Jules ...2006.02.06 22:42:00
- Choice, the essence of freedom, the all pervading power in this world. The choices we make define wh ...2006.02.05 01:01:00
- *cancels his eve account*So, Eris, doing anything this weekendand winterblink, WDA and NV rock!Jules ...2006.02.03 18:22:00
- All Hail the G-Man for he is lord of all! woohoo new stuff Jules ...2006.02.03 14:55:00
- never ever ever use autopatch!Jules ...2005.12.16 09:37:00
- My life is spent in shadow, far from watching eyes. Why? because of the fear and rage which still c ...2005.08.31 16:04:00
- I believe that we must talk to the people everywhere, but what better way to do that than talking in ...2005.08.21 17:35:00
- Jules walked back into his office and slumped down into his chair, utterly drained.Recent times had ...2005.07.18 21:37:00
- Think I'll jump in on this one, many of the outraged statements I have made at Aphoxs choice of frie ...2005.07.14 00:56:00
- Edited by: jules winnfield on 30/06/2005 00:02:27 As Jules was lead through the empty streets of th ...2005.06.30 00:00:00
- Time was short, following the communication from the Carla NerisRaven Jules knew there was only one ...2005.06.29 16:28:00

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