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- offer 3b ...2011.08.24 12:17:00
- nano aint dead, my solo pvp ship does allmost 12km/s :P ...2011.08.05 11:14:00
- dramiel or anyother pirate frig exept worm, (wich sux) and because of door, no maybe u didnt think ...2011.08.05 11:09:00
- u fossils, 64 is outdated, i run 128bit system ...2011.08.05 11:04:00
- if ur gonna spend 500mil on a cruiser, seriously spend it on t3, or just t2 fit that navy caracal ...2011.07.16 20:27:00
- My Raven was equipped with the following:HIGH 06 x Cruise Missile Launcher I 01 x SMALL TRACTOR BE ...2011.07.16 20:15:00
- Thank you for the information. Let me ask you this. If my armor reps can only repair 85 hps would a ...2011.07.12 19:49:00
- well, its a code really.. source ...2011.07.12 01:39:00
- dont matter if you have 1000 ehp or 100,000 ehp on suicide ganks because when comcord comes and gets ...2011.07.12 01:20:00
- in circle of shadows (a corp i was in long time ago) had this, it was on theyr website, and it had ...2011.07.11 02:22:00
- take the drake, youl be able to tank it, and switch to fof missiles and theyl do the work while your ...2011.07.11 01:11:00
- a good 10mil sp in frig can kill a 20mil sp in a bs, a good 20mil sp in bs can kill a 10mil sp in ...2011.07.10 19:31:00
- Ofc, and they will be very awsome! Caldari/minmatar will have propulsion projectile ammo, wich can ...2011.07.10 19:19:00
- not much, you dont got much at all sp in drones (since your gallente, thats pretty bad, considering ...2011.07.10 19:14:00
- Stopped reading in the middle. but would you have 30mil sp, then it would be 120m max bounty since ...2011.07.10 19:09:00

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