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- Crikey ...2006.09.04 09:43:00
- I feel your pain Corax, those 12 year old CS players are ruining this game!! We should be able to mi ...2006.09.03 21:13:00
- Does the amount of abandoned noob ships/shuttles/drones in space take up much resources? Makes my s ...2006.09.03 21:09:00
- I went to one in Swansea before, they was playing some CS tourny and it was embarassing to watch. Ki ...2006.08.28 21:57:00
- The chips have not been "Secretly Placed" in bins, the public have been made aware of this some time ...2006.08.28 21:00:00
- Seems my two week forum bannings have put me out of the contest How I wish I behaved ...2006.08.28 19:42:00
- I want ...2006.08.28 19:02:00
- I'm buying a ps3 just for that. Staff sales ftw! ...2006.08.28 11:28:00
- I can't get enough of this site!The Best Ever ...2006.08.26 19:51:00
- Edited by: MadGaz on 26/08/2006 19:25:37 Trigger Happy Tv!I can't get enough of it, here's one of m ...2006.08.26 19:19:00
- There was a guy in The Royal Syndicate awhile back that sounded like Arnie... But then again ppl sa ...2006.08.26 17:23:00
- OK go 4tw.If I ever make a piracy vid, I am using Get Over It as part of the theme music as well Int ...2006.08.26 16:50:00
- OK: best music video everThe one they did before was good aswell ...2006.08.26 16:38:00
- A bunch of whackos think that global warming is doing things like "making hurricanes worse" and the ...2006.08.25 20:51:00
- Meridious did the second one, not sure on the first. ...2006.08.24 16:51:00

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