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- Many people realise that peace is profitable, and therefore the better optionSounds like the communi ...2011.04.14 10:18:00
- Edited by: Sendraks on 13/04/2011 16:52:54 Obviously there must be some special wisdom, because you ...2011.04.13 16:48:00
- Interesting post, but I really think that 30m/hr is definitely on the low side for missioning. There ...2011.04.13 16:12:00
- A smart mission runner will base himself at suitable mission hubs; one example is the Dodixie-Auver ...2011.04.13 16:07:00
- I have decided to try to carry out an anonomous survey on player income. I stress the word anonomous ...2011.04.13 12:43:00
- I'd only consider deploying heavies if the rats were at close range, otherwise their travel time pre ...2011.04.13 11:34:00
- Edited by: Sendraks on 13/04/2011 10:37:58 I underlined the **** you don't have to do if you can ge ...2011.04.13 10:02:00
- Quoting because tippia's right. I can have a character breezing through level 4s(albeit rather slo ...2011.04.13 09:53:00
- Takes 13s to align to station, 10s to 20s in warp, docking lag of 5s, session change, station load ...2011.04.13 09:43:00
- Don't forget that the vindi doesn't need lights and meds to take out tackle frigs. webbing bonus is ...2011.04.11 18:28:00
- It's a 425mm rail fit and since I mostly mission vs angels with it, it improves the performance a lo ...2011.04.11 15:57:00
- The Kronos is better at close range(sub 15km) with the web bonus so you get no major dps breakdowns ...2011.04.11 13:50:00
- You should see my shield tanked, blaster totting 4 damage mods + tracking enhancer vindi. It's even ...2011.04.11 09:29:00
- And why I advice for the Vindicator ? Because it has more EHP ( more Shield, Armor, Structure ) so i ...2011.04.11 08:45:00
- Against Kin/Therm weak enemies like Serps and Guristas, the Kronos performs very well and I've not f ...2011.04.11 08:38:00

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