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- Edited by: kwix on 25/06/2011 21:26:16 ECM drones (at least hornet ec-300's) can no longer be deleg ...2011.06.25 21:26:00
- /signedI use way more than 50 fittings....just for my PvP ships. I fly every sub-cap in the game... ...2011.05.17 00:52:00
- you can warp to a bookmark as soon as you undock and get past the black screentelling the autopilot ...2011.05.03 05:33:00
- If increasing the fittings limit above 50 is not possible, include an export to xml button. Oh wait, ...2011.05.03 05:30:00
- bumpity bump bump ...2011.05.02 20:41:00
- There is another thread on the front page of this forum saying this. Can I suggest you sign that one ...2011.04.29 08:55:00
- OK CCP....thanks for moving fittings to the server, but limiting us to 50 is an absolute disaster!!! ...2011.04.23 00:07:00
- applied a treat! I, and the my fellow directors who have been spammed for months, thank y ...2011.01.16 08:23:00
- yeah any fix would be awesome...even if I have to modify an entry in myphpadmin would be fine! ...2011.01.15 23:16:00
- Hi,Is there any way to set an old offline tower so that it doesn't keep sending out mails? We have a ...2011.01.15 19:56:00
- 2 of my accounts it looks perfect. On the third account I could swear I set a multi-day skill into t ...2010.12.04 02:40:00
- I can't seem to get this to work. I've run it, it copied everything, verified and now it says Downlo ...2010.11.27 21:17:00
- Edited by: kwix on 25/11/2010 20:13:13 FANTASTIC!!!!I wish the learning skills never existed in the ...2010.11.25 20:09:00
- with all this talk of the Sansha there finally going to be a way to fix faction standing ...2010.11.12 19:18:00
- I read in another post that the Gurista's Epic Arc should derive a standings boost towards Sansha. ...2010.11.04 10:13:00

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