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- Azurun Li 3,9,16,80,85,97 ...2011.07.25 16:34:00
- They are manufacturing jobs so need 4 slots open to use all linesGood to know. Thanks for the info. ...2011.07.21 16:07:00
- I have a related question.Do the Rorqual compression jobs count against your Manufacturing or Resear ...2011.07.21 15:00:00
- Edited by: Azurun Li on 19/07/2011 17:49:47To further the idea of an insurance business mentality yo ...2011.07.19 17:47:00
- Step 1: Do 1 hour of mining in your Hulk & calculate income. Step 2: Do 1 hour of missioning in y ...2011.07.15 17:35:00
- As a industrialist and miner, I couldn't disagree with you more. No dedicated capital mining ships. ...2011.07.14 19:12:00
- Eve Online: You consent to PvP by undocking. ...2011.07.13 17:34:00
- Edited by: Azurun Li on 08/07/2011 20:37:15Hiya Hannibal,Your math is close, but not quite right. H ...2011.07.08 20:34:00
- sorry I asked It's hard to find help here in the forums. The usual assortment of kids shouting "ha, ...2011.07.08 15:35:00
- Once again, a fantastic thread. Thank you. ...2011.07.07 19:48:00
- Thank you for the excellent read. Loved it. ...2011.07.07 18:57:00
- I'm wondering why the OP is trolling for people who faction fit Hulks? Ha! I totally got trolled. ...2011.07.06 19:27:00
- Heh. I'm not sure why anyone would faction fit a Hulk. The extra tank faction fittings provide isn ...2011.07.06 17:13:00
- As a miner and industrialist, I look forward to this trainwreck. ...2011.07.06 16:06:00
- Today I tried to get a Hulk with a can flip but he wasn't buying it. So instead, figuring he was ju ...2011.07.05 19:14:00

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