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- Edited by: Temitten on 07/11/2010 21:35:25 Maybe this has already been reported (probably even) or ...2010.11.07 21:24:00
- Omen, while not great, isn't the worst ship in game. It's certainly better than many of the pirate ...2009.04.28 09:42:00
- this should shred level 1 missions. I pretty much always picked up more cap boosters then I used. wi ...2009.04.28 07:21:00
- 1) Rockets This is easily the worst, least powerful, of all weapon systems. They were terrible befo ...2009.04.27 14:06:00
- I'm sorry but I don't like it, it would mean you have one mod to counter two different racial kinds ...2009.04.22 18:24:00
- Now that light drones actually return to drone bay when that command is used (thank you ever so much ...2009.04.22 17:39:00
- Edited by: Temitten on 05/04/2009 16:10:59 Yeah.. I know you're supposed to have warrior IIs return ...2009.04.05 16:10:00
- Hurricane is the ideal one, expanded cargoholds, 4 tractors 4 salvagers (some go 5/3.. personal pref ...2009.04.02 21:48:00
- Yes, agreed, rangefinding is horrible. Something like astrometric analysis, or plain advanced astro ...2009.03.27 09:28:00
- Propulsion systems with slow (like 110-120 m/s) base speed but immunity to web. Not fair.I believe ...2009.03.17 09:01:00
- I would like, for the legion, an offensive subsystem with really high damage (plenty of hardpoints, ...2009.03.16 23:17:00
- Stop whinging about his spelling.. this is obviously a native speaker with deliberate spelling error ...2009.03.16 07:09:00
- MP II.. do you mean Medium Pulse II (the frigate gun) or Mega Pulse II? ...2009.03.11 08:25:00
- I don't see why not ...2009.02.22 19:29:00
- Using an amarr agent I reject Enemies Abound by default. Gallente standings have gone past the point ...2009.02.20 01:30:00

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