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- Why on earth do we need a room with a bed in it... Is it so that our EvE Dollies can 'socialise' wit ...2011.02.18 16:37:00
- Looks awesome work - I'd love it if we could dock in a NPC station and go fight with those that are ...2011.02.18 14:58:00
- SighIf I wanted to play Dress up Dollies, in thier little houses, to interact with other peoples lit ...2011.02.18 14:21:00
- Hey team, the 'Drag and drop into closed containers' is BRILLIANT. TY TY TYYou did good!Can we pleas ...2011.02.15 15:21:00
- I am told repeatedly these threads are a scam.To prove to myself they are, or are not, I have just b ...2011.01.27 16:29:00
- I cant see this as anything other than an invitation to all pirates to have a blast before the start ...2011.01.04 09:43:00

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