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- I still think we should of gone with Chef Corp... *Mutters something rude*Sorry, it defaulted to my ...2006.08.14 12:51:00
- I play WoW, mainly because I find the missions more stimulate than EVE and it is something you can p ...2006.06.02 09:37:00
- How to Be Emo - The edumactional videoI hope this clears things up for you ...2006.05.17 16:01:00
- crazy british folk, it's SOCCER not FOOTBALLWe invented the sport, therefor we get to name it. We al ...2006.05.13 11:20:00
- My brother bought me a mug for one of my Birthdays, but when it arrived it was chipped quite badly. ...2006.05.07 16:51:00
- I use my alt to figure head my open source project. Just a shame I'm rubbish at making character por ...2006.05.06 23:10:00
- I'm going to be there. I thought the line-up was looking quite reasonable to be honest. ...2006.04.28 14:02:00
- I'm really looking forward to my first wii!Honestly, I love the name. I'm like a kid in a candy stor ...2006.04.28 14:00:00
- Grrr, what is with the change of default character EVEkill == The Chef ...2006.04.26 10:14:00
- EVEkill is an open source kill mail parser. Basically, you take the eve kill mails you get sent in g ...2006.04.24 11:38:00
- I really should save this post somewhere, I seem to make it alot. EVEkill is not under active devel ...2006.04.22 14:32:00
- Someone has released the code for one iirc. I dno where you can find that tho.There are two free ope ...2006.04.20 13:06:00
- This annoys me:"I read" - "I have read".yesterday i have read SAP for dummies? wrong yesterday i re ...2006.04.07 15:23:00
- Yes I think it does bring out the worst in certain individuals. Not everyone though, some of us have ...2006.04.07 14:57:00
- A little general correction:JQV5-9 is the name of a constellation.JQA is the name of a disbanded al ...2006.04.06 10:45:00

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