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- Does any one know how long it takes for corp stats to update? ...2011.01.22 05:44:00
- A target painter never hurts, and a damp with range scripts if you want to snipe, or resolution scri ...2011.01.21 21:43:00
- I wouldn't bother in high sec. I have got some nice ones in low sec but you need 2 pilot (probe/scou ...2010.03.30 22:18:00
- Also:Randomize the exact type and number of rats per group/spawn to lessen the impact of eve-surviva ...2010.03.30 00:47:00
- Edited by: Amasera on 06/03/2010 00:49:12 I'm not a mission runner myself, but from what I've heard ...2010.03.06 00:41:00
- The drake is a little bit trickier in C3s, if only because it's damage is less stellar and it has a ...2010.03.06 00:34:00
- "Just petition that you started mission before DT and never completed it. When you came back to try ...2010.03.05 02:36:00
- I've lived in WHs since Apocrypha day one, from C2 - C6.... C3 is soloable with a really tough HAC ...2010.03.05 02:18:00
- Edited by: Amasera on 18/02/2010 04:43:48 Covert Ops: All are equalIncorrect. The Buzzard, Anathem ...2010.02.18 04:42:00
- For a newer charecter?IMPO train a few skills and run some Radar/Mag/Plexs in lowsec. Decent money, ...2010.02.18 02:42:00
- I would second the wormhole suggestion.In a lower class W-Space system you will get daily holes to h ...2010.02.17 00:17:00
- Small Fast Gang: Sacrelidge/DevoterMedium Gang: Harbinger "Bringer of the Melty Death"Largeish Roami ...2010.02.02 03:47:00
- I NEVER heard of anything like that. There are 1000 threads existing about people complaining about ...2010.01.28 01:52:00
- Yeah solo harpy is probably a bad idea. I tried to do a class 2 anomaly in my Retribution and it wa ...2010.01.15 02:24:00
- I'm a veteran player who's returning to the game after a brief hiatus. I figured now was a good tim ...2010.01.15 01:53:00

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