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- TL;DR:- Standing = sec. status. -------------when running one of the epic mission arcs, the thing t ...2011.08.15 12:34:00
- I cut my manufacturing teeth making PPS, PPM and PPL from reprocessed junk I collected on from one t ...2011.08.15 10:48:00
- That's odd, I don't seem to have any on any of my accounts..... ...2011.08.02 09:22:00
- My issues with the pi changes are that whilst it is possible to produce p3 items on a single planet, ...2011.01.31 11:39:00
- Not strictly albino (not got red eyes) but I was going for the whole "pale and skinny as never sees ...2011.01.20 13:04:00
- Here are my before and afters for all 6 of my characters.Set 1Set 2Bar the minmatar lass losing her ...2011.01.20 11:39:00
- Yupperdeyup - "damn this jumpsuit is too tight..." ...2011.01.19 13:37:00
- Yep, not liking the lack of hair options. On sisi a while ago there was shoulder length Straggly ha ...2011.01.19 13:23:00
- how does this damn camera even work, how am I supposed to know that it's on?----------Epic sir, you ...2011.01.18 23:29:00
- Tried a new look but was a little dissapointed in the choice of a few of the options. Are Intaki de ...2011.01.18 23:24:00
- Currently 12m per day on P4 items. ...2010.07.07 16:10:00
- Plus, always use storage as a buffer as it allows you to run the extractors at minimum cycle time if ...2010.06.10 10:23:00
- My routing is always 2e for each bp I plan to use, routed to the storage then out to the bf. Then r ...2010.06.10 10:10:00
- Using 3 in our system (GBL) to make organic mortar applicators. The p4 planet will output to the lp ...2010.06.10 09:46:00
- We've the same planet types in our wh and can make about 3 times the daily requirement of mech parts ...2010.06.10 09:41:00

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