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- Edited by: Alowishus on 08/02/2011 20:39:33 Seriously tho, lowsec gatecampers are the lowest bunch ...2011.02.08 20:30:00
- I once got pieces of a Jove delegate and his space ship. Corp I was in at the time made us hand them ...2010.12.16 18:36:00
- without prevoking anyone or doing anything wrong.Stupidity. That is what you did wrong. Only stupid ...2010.12.15 23:09:00
- Edited by: Alowishus on 15/12/2010 23:04:12 I rather see pirates being punished and in some cases e ...2010.12.15 23:03:00
- Edited by: Alowishus on 18/11/2010 22:29:30 From a business standpoint honoring ransoms makes sense ...2010.11.18 22:28:00
- Remember a few years ago, the incident where peoples killed over 90 capsuler's ships in one high sec ...2010.11.18 19:59:00
- Shut up. ...2010.11.18 18:54:00
- Contemplating a triumphant return to Eve with my old friends in the united. Will you have me? ...2010.01.08 16:18:00
- I'd see him necro threads from four years ago just to lock them and make it known that he did. ...2009.06.03 17:38:00
- Zymurgist = Mitnal. Instead of trying to make Mitnal popular, they reinvented him as Zymurgist. Now ...2009.06.03 16:09:00
- What are the Top 10 Top 10 topics that define Eve? ...2009.06.01 16:14:00
- No. There is no viable active tanking option for structure, and the buffer tank (while effective in ...2009.05.29 14:37:00
- If you want to active shield tank the Sleipnir is a better choice for L4s, along with the Maelstrom. ...2009.05.29 14:28:00
- Ah, so that's what children do when they're proven wrong. ...2009.04.28 01:16:00
- Edited by: Alowishus on 27/04/2009 22:22:52 Just noticed this. in my quest to remain neutral, i'm g ...2009.04.27 22:21:00

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