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- So after at least a month of having this thread up CCP has yet to make any serious answers to anythi ...2011.09.05 03:54:00
- What you have to look at is the bigger picture.a 60-day GTC is sold for $35.00 USD30 day sub via ccp ...2011.09.03 06:07:00
- I think that is meant to say 199.99 USD. ...2011.09.02 19:06:00
- Clear your cache. Even with fixes sometimes the cache still causes stuff to mess up. ...2011.09.02 16:34:00
- I am simply stating that most of the whiners show no respect to anyone or even realize things were ...2011.09.02 16:24:00
- Generic Clear your Cache statement here. I cleared my cache and all that stuff stopped happening. ...2011.09.02 16:20:00
- Most of those bug were fixed by simply clearing the cache.CCP fixed over half of those last night ...2011.09.02 16:18:00
- Here lets give everyone a little education in software development.Class is now in session guys. NO ...2011.09.02 02:15:00
- red moon rising.back when the max pcu was 15,000. people didnt blob with super caps, and people did ...2011.09.02 00:32:00
- There are no russians in game, its just one huge elaborate bot run by one person.. ...2011.09.02 00:29:00
- Please tell us ccp that there will be tier 4 bs's in dec and the tornado will be one of them! ...2011.08.30 20:09:00
- Whatever World of Darkness will or will not be I can guarantee one thing it will be, based on CCPs c ...2011.08.30 00:17:00
- Edited by: Kharvor on 29/08/2011 21:27:53 Wishful thinking really.Sony Online is pulling the string ...2011.08.29 21:31:00
- the games already pay to win riah hate to break it to you, but plex = isk.. isk = powah so yeah. alr ...2011.08.29 01:45:00
- There is nothing wrong with the current naming scheme. Your idea just makes it difficult op. ...2011.08.28 06:42:00

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