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- Hint : the term 'Sorority Girl' is a distinct term used on american college campuses/Campusi (what i ...2009.12.31 10:39:00
- I would like to see people with serious and well-presented concerns get invited to closed-access pub ...2009.12.29 12:31:00
- In recognition of services rendered to the entertainment industry, I too would throw a good few hund ...2009.12.18 23:21:00
- Hello md'ersI am posting this to inform you as the leader of a concerned players syndicate that has ...2009.12.10 16:54:00
- Gosh.I've been away from Eve for a year or so preoccupied with RL stuff.I've spent the last couple o ...2009.09.09 21:59:00
- Sent ...2009.03.15 14:52:00
- I'd strongly suggest dumping quite a few of those meds for smalls, and adding another stasis web or ...2008.12.07 23:51:00
- Hi Isk Ho,Thank you, thank you, thank you.One of the best investments I've ever made in one of the m ...2008.12.01 05:24:00
- Grats, LVV.Personally, I'd like to you to put a really, really incredibly large rocket up the good D ...2008.11.25 23:24:00
- Now down to the one investor! JNA if you'd like to cash out before the end of the month let me kno ...2008.11.01 19:11:00
- Ombey's maps are exceedingly good indeed.However, I've found myself using Wollari's maps more regula ...2008.10.19 22:00:00
- I'll start you off with 400M, psycoboy. ...2008.10.08 11:31:00
- I'm not in the market for one atm, but I think your issue might be price more than lack of demand. ...2008.10.08 11:29:00
- I'm interested in offering financial services but not sure of the best way to advertise and notify ...2008.10.06 11:34:00
- Fantastic stuff as ever, Isk Ho. ...2008.09.30 12:14:00

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