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- in house disruption of communications is also one the first things most dicatorships start with ...2011.07.03 01:47:00
- this thread is full of win cause kelban said so also i dont want a monocule..i want a top ...2011.06.30 07:16:00
- well ya dumb ass in a game were you can pay for youre sub with ingame money is it any suprise they h ...2011.06.29 03:44:00
- This list of articles would mean a lot more if so many of them weren't "blog" posts, forum posts, an ...2011.06.29 02:58:00
- well as to seeing how i can buy plex with isk and then convert plex to that mq money i dont have a p ...2011.06.29 02:53:00
- yup ccp delted the whole server in stead of just the learning skills.should have left it alone ...2010.12.16 20:36:00
- Edited by: Kelban Kevar on 25/08/2010 04:33:54 after seeing alot of the comments from ccp players. ...2010.08.25 04:31:00
- or ccp relized its a niche game.and no one beside the current player base really gives a damn bout t ...2010.08.24 22:33:00
- the probalem is ya didnt know wtf you was doing when ya first started..and you just kept screwing up ...2010.08.24 21:38:00
- just hold out and dont sell cheaply.some one will buy it sooner or later at the price you want...... ...2010.08.21 21:13:00
- nice moveable loosable plex's....guess thats ccp's anwser to falling subscriptions.if they cant get ...2010.08.12 00:28:00
- the trailers are much like food advertisment.the use fake or doctored image's to make there product ...2010.08.12 00:25:00
- why does this whine sound like: my blob cant kill the 5 guys in local cuase they wont undock against ...2010.08.12 00:23:00
- star trek is not to bad......but id say warhammer 40k dark millenium when it releases or the new sta ...2010.08.07 20:11:00
- they dont have to do sp.......a free ship would work fine ...2010.08.07 20:09:00

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