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- Very nice fights, and an unique music selection like in all your videos. Love it. ...2011.08.25 19:51:00
- Edited by: Warmistress Severine on 01/03/2011 15:53:02 Posted in the Mac section and submitted a pe ...2011.03.01 15:50:00
- Same here. Ships i own or ships in space with no icon. Flying in a Belt, Blackbox for BC's but Friga ...2011.02.27 01:37:00
- Two bugs (Live Server).1. Changing graphic settings inside the Character Creation -> Character Model ...2011.01.19 06:56:00
- Had the same problem. After i switched to portrait view, there was no correct lighting, so i thought ...2011.01.19 06:38:00
- Just awesome in every aspect, and a worthy ending (*schniiief*) of this great series.And yeah... You ...2011.01.11 05:14:00
- First 3 were like... I have no clou what they are about... But nevertheless well made. Clik Lok was ...2011.01.01 02:33:00
- If you are thinking about doing PVP but don't know where to start: This is your best starting point. ...2010.12.15 14:56:00
- Well thanks for the detailed info, but i already know that.I did it once before the Testclient screw ...2010.12.02 16:08:00
- Well Rockets may be better, Void and Conflag may work... If EFT updates and you can check the differ ...2010.12.01 12:26:00
- Edited by: Warmistress Severine on 01/12/2010 03:35:03 Edited by: Warmistress Severine on 01/12/201 ...2010.12.01 03:34:00
- Edited by: Gunther Gabel on 29/11/2010 22:18:09 Macs are regularly left out of SiSi, mostly because ...2010.11.29 23:03:00
- I don't get it...With the Live Server, the autoupdate works like it should. Question is, why doesn't ...2010.11.29 20:22:00
- 4.6 Million skillpoints to waste... Woohoo!!!!! Insta Carrier? Insta BlackOps? Insta...Holy s.h. ...2010.11.25 14:37:00
- Mine! ...2009.03.09 08:39:00

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