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- Sounds interresting..... the mining carrirer thing...i like it.. the whole ship idea sound great, ...2006.04.26 19:55:00
- Why you all got armor repairs on... i got my raven shield tanked atm 8000 shield points and did a ...2005.04.27 13:21:00
- After doing some mining and building, im gonna go for some trading. But what skills do i need, and ...2005.03.18 06:24:00
- Hi, im woundering how i am calculating the shipbonus i get from the different ships. For eksample R ...2005.01.21 14:40:00
- My version of EVE-Online is at the moment 1.10.1424. But the newest version is 1.24.1549, but i can ...2004.06.16 17:16:00

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