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- I use two programs:First is Revo Uinstaller I use this to uninstall ALL of my programs. It runs the ...2009.01.26 21:34:00
- They don't make Ni-Kunni like this anymore...come to think of it, there aren't many Ni-Kunni Amarr r ...2009.01.25 22:05:00
- The distasteful act is called blood wings, not red wings. ...2007.03.17 03:58:00
- Walking stations didn't help Earth & Beyond all that much. It will be fluff and not much more. ...2007.03.13 05:36:00
- Problem #1 is that people use the search functions to find threads they can add to, and the end up n ...2007.03.12 23:31:00
- I'd buy a card that could fly, that way the cops could never catch me!! ...2007.03.06 21:39:00
- This makes my londy london bridge wanna go down. Expect ping pong.I don't know what that post means, ...2007.03.05 21:37:00
- The OP said Armageddon and Battelfield Earth were good moves..I can't refer any 'good' ones to you a ...2007.03.05 02:27:00
- Seleene, find the old video for the disco song 'Apache' and link it...guaranteed victory. ...2007.03.04 21:18:00
- My lasers wanted to pew pew pew, but only went pft pft pft I had one gun shooting at a Tempest for a ...2007.03.04 20:22:00
- Some of those are brutal, but damn funny.The Xirt card should have had something about having GPS in ...2007.03.03 08:01:00
- Everyone would just end up painting their ships black. Maybe a few would use their corp color scheme ...2007.02.25 01:56:00
- Domain is a mess. I wonder how many Harbingers will end up my hangar tomorrow... ...2006.11.30 05:57:00
- Excellent work. The Abaddon is even out of cap in that picture no pew pew for you Abaddon pilot. ...2006.11.30 05:51:00
- Those webbing/knock-you-out-of-warp torps killing your fighters now? ...2006.11.25 18:59:00

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