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- omg Twisted Xistance u R so sexy and I am not your alt, I am actually a really hot chick irl honest ...2011.07.13 22:40:00
- "hello my name is Chris, just a quick call on behalf of scope.... you may find this a bit shocking b ...2011.07.13 22:30:00
- are you a crimeanal.. a criminal are you involved in any sort of organised crimeare you the local we ...2005.04.19 19:27:00
- Not so long back I had an original cutting edge idea for a corp that no one has thought of before.Ok ...2004.03.07 12:17:00
- oh right, and there was me thinking it was harmless fun I dont have nyting against either techell o ...2004.03.07 11:52:00
- I'm guessing that its when you stand under a bridge then jump out and shout MUWHAWHAWHAW I AM THE BR ...2004.03.07 11:41:00

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