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- Such a great Corp name wreaked by a terrible CEO long ago, but the name lives on. Props to you keep ...2008.02.12 07:48:00
- *moderated* ...2008.01.14 17:07:00
- This thread is huge and is old and I do not know if anyone else has posted this idea.In my eye sov i ...2008.01.07 23:17:00
- I thought Concord followed you around. Beside what difference does that make if you don't get concor ...2007.12.01 00:10:00
- So it's legit if you die, but not if you manage to get away... Interesting.. ...2007.11.30 23:24:00
- Is it really Legit?I mean as a pirate can you just gank anyone you feel like it any time, warp off b ...2007.11.30 23:15:00
- Is there a place that lists all the agents that give you faction increases for each empire? I know a ...2007.11.15 05:25:00
- buying out all orders below a certain pointThis is pretty much the dumbest way to get your start in ...2007.11.09 18:29:00
- Edited by: Kilda Shepp on 08/10/2007 02:52:28 Another long thread about rates....I consider it like ...2007.10.08 02:41:00
- ...2007.10.05 21:22:00
- said stuffAlthough I would personally LOVE to see Datadumps of traded items like Minerals this infor ...2007.09.28 18:38:00
- Edited by: Kilda Shepp on 25/08/2007 21:53:59 So when do you think the Market Discussion forum will ...2007.08.25 21:50:00
- Actually to achieve a 36.5% APR isn't as difficult as it sounds. And a 36.5% APR sounds GREAT for a ...2007.08.16 17:42:00
- a nurse who works for 40 years still cant perform a surgery a fresh just-out-of medical school surge ...2007.08.09 19:38:00

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