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- ^ This ^Can't wait for it to be fixed. ...2011.01.27 02:28:00
- CCP hates you. Happy New Year! ...2011.01.05 06:32:00
- Tusseluring, I appreciate your reply and the work you put into it, but I don't entirely agree. Allow ...2010.12.10 23:14:00
- I have dealt with Comcast before, so have the courts. They get their way and they dont need to liste ...2010.12.09 00:15:00
- For disconnects, I would speak to your ISP about poor service and possibly changing due to it, che ...2010.12.08 00:12:00
- I think it is the same issue. The no-error crash, followed by an eve-client restart. There is a 15 p ...2010.12.08 00:07:00
- I am getting the disconnects as well. Comcast has openly been eating p2p packets for a long time now ...2010.12.08 00:00:00
- You have not posted your system specifications.You have not posted anything that you do before the c ...2010.12.07 23:53:00
- I can re-create the issue following your steps as well. Sorry. ...2010.12.07 23:41:00
- Part of me wants to cry troll. Can you not see that among the posted replies and other threads of th ...2010.12.07 22:24:00
- I have a beefy system and the only time I experience frame rate drops are at the above mentioned tim ...2010.12.02 17:50:00
- Karma is a beotch...But, back to your question. What kind of error does the repair tool give you? I ...2010.11.29 06:33:00

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