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- Edited by: DurrHurrDurr on 22/03/2011 15:44:05 The dude makes so much money in real life he could a ...2011.03.22 16:22:00
- Hurf blurf you should list ...2011.03.22 15:38:00
- Facepalm.That was almost like one of the old :lolccp: devblogs with absence of affinity and traps of ...2011.03.21 23:20:00
- +2 votes. Let's make it count. ...2011.03.18 09:22:00
- Could I get a pricecheck for Koala Bare please? Reply to Koala Bare please. ...2010.11.17 22:12:00
- By default, profiles will be set to Ąpublic",...Are you ****ing ******ed? Didn't you learn anything ...2010.10.21 00:56:00
- This entire situation should never have arisen. We should never had to reach this point and have pan ...2010.07.20 01:04:00
- A .. swap .. meet .. ?I dunno, but it is probably a good thing now that Incarna is not here yet, or ...2010.07.17 18:29:00
- I don't talk with anyoneAh, poor dear ...2010.07.02 21:39:00
- I'm still amazed the low sec minmatar pirates that always complain about the lack of targets haven't ...2009.05.05 22:07:00
- Tbh, throwing the sensitive elements of motherships and titans together in one topic is a bad idea, ...2009.05.02 10:28:00
- hes referring to changed turret models & textures & effects. T2 turrets for instance look, well, a l ...2009.03.15 10:37:00
- It may be of interest to run the logserver first, make a new workspace and then run eve, and watch f ...2009.03.15 10:33:00
- 2. If it's NOT a macro You'll AT LEAST get a reply along the lines of "Knock it off, *****!!!!"wr ...2009.03.15 09:47:00
- In case you missed it, they are available on the markets in their respective native regions.If you'r ...2009.02.14 11:43:00

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