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- Awesome corp- friendly and professional. If you're looking, you won't be disappointed! ...2010.04.01 02:09:00
- Cylon baseship from the newer battlestar galactica serie. Love the look of those things, and they a ...2009.04.04 18:07:00
- Well, with the March 10th expansion coming up, and new graphical effects promised for things like th ...2009.01.18 11:39:00
- On my way over ;)Hulk pilot with a Domi for rats ...2008.11.26 20:44:00
- How long can it take to implement graphics changes to get rid of these hideous outdated planet textu ...2008.10.17 19:29:00
- Awesome music made by a fan for Eve ...2008.08.12 03:20:00
- thanks very much ...2008.07.09 16:36:00
- merci ...2008.07.09 16:33:00
- My drones can't attack anything past 25km. I fitted an omnidirectional tracking link which increase ...2008.07.09 16:28:00
- I pilot a Hulk and love mining. Would you let me join in on the odd pvp? I've basically trained as ...2008.03.02 19:15:00
- I hope they go along the lines of X3:Reunion, with gigantic realistic turning planets the stations o ...2007.12.28 07:34:00
- Trinity's new graphics don't replace the horribly outdated planet textures. Will asteroids and plan ...2007.12.28 00:05:00
- What about overheating? Do you have any heat issues with running the game in Bootcamp?Mos Superum ...2007.07.15 04:36:00
- Thanks for the helpful advice guys, very much appreciated :)=\ If you need to ask this question and ...2007.07.15 04:31:00
- now the other pressing question. Will my macbook be able to run it at playable framerates?! Depend ...2007.07.14 00:30:00

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