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- Grats LFC. And you're calling NSN weirdos?! We'r not the ones hauling medieval war axes to fanmeets ...2008.09.04 12:45:00
- To LautrecIn game now. ...2008.06.27 22:20:00
- I'm not that worried about CCP.The extensive training in the BERZERKER™ Viking Fighting Arts that al ...2008.04.08 13:17:00
- I was incredibly sad to read this last night. Unexpectedly so. But it brought back all that exciteme ...2008.03.05 18:57:00
- I can't believe this. I don't mind the hardpoint nerf that much, I wan't to use my Eos as gang suppo ...2007.10.24 22:21:00
- This competition was clearly rigged. ...2007.10.09 18:00:00
- Edited by: Numskull on 01/10/2007 20:20:59 Edited by: Numskull on 01/10/2007 20:20:21 Well, I'm so ...2007.10.02 00:07:00
- Pack your sh*t and leave, there is only room for one sheriff in this town. ...2007.10.02 00:01:00
- Oh yeah!Happy birthday to us and here's to 4 more years of looting and pillaging. Teh d0nk3y FIST xp ...2007.09.04 19:41:00
- Griefwatch = haxHow much better can u ppl make this thing? ...2007.03.01 19:03:00
- We had to build another titan cuz Ens just wants to use his one for mining ...2007.01.12 01:06:00
- 30 in Feb.Soon my wee will go brown and I'll get piles. ...2006.12.13 19:15:00
- Mahe, that last one is incredible ...2006.11.26 01:50:00
- The can of Stella I thought was mine and took a nice deep gulp from... and promptly discovered it ha ...2006.11.26 01:38:00
- Don't get me wrong, I'm not crying in dispair here, I only started my alt a week ago and can live wi ...2006.11.26 00:22:00

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