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- I found my char's surname quite funny after quitting WoW. But now it feels like an tatooed name of y ...2007.01.11 23:15:00
- Now imagine there were officer SPRs ... ...2007.01.10 23:50:00
- Written during the last downtime. Big thanks to Scrapheap Challenge for inspiration and test audienc ...2007.01.06 17:12:00
- ...PVP is the isk sink... ...I bet that titan was a big ISK sink...ISK sink is something that remov ...2007.01.05 20:01:00
- And the thorax was inspired by... uhmm, yea... By "Sex Wars: A New Hump", of course. ...2007.01.05 18:02:00
- Astarte and Nighthawk need BC 5, too, so that's not the problem. Logistics IV is, though. Rank 6, Wi ...2007.01.03 23:52:00
- Working as intended.If you read item descriptions carefully, you'll notice this: "Penalty: Using mor ...2006.12.31 11:09:00
- one day i'll be rich i'll tackle and snipe with mach but tempest for now ...2006.12.30 20:06:00
- Edited by: Trinity Faetal on 28/12/2006 01:10:52 arebus 1erabus 2So this is what a Brutix turns int ...2006.12.29 14:59:00
- Ginger Magician.There was also Daniel Jackson (and Daniel Jackson vs. Wuuba), but the thing died out ...2006.12.26 17:56:00
- Agent's quality can't go above 20, but effective quality can. It's definitely worth going for Q 20 a ...2006.12.25 16:28:00
- I got 3 implants from the tower last time I did this mission. One was the 3%rof implant. Sold it for ...2006.12.25 16:27:00
- Edited by: Wilfan Ret''nub on 22/12/2006 18:39:56 Yes it is. Unless "Couldn't connect to DB" is som ...2006.12.22 18:39:00
- But in order to show that information in the floater the client still has to request it from the ser ...2006.12.22 18:36:00
- Well, you see, the reason prices are so high is becSQUAUK SQUAUK SQUAUK SQUAUK SQUAUK SQUAUK SQUAUKd ...2006.12.22 18:12:00

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