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- Aka another file sharing ****storm.An arguably bias judge was tasked with having the last word on wh ...2009.06.25 21:13:00
- Cool, but I suspect it costs more than an RV. ...2009.06.25 17:59:00
- Different picture.Who in their right mind would tattoo that much on an 18 year-old's face? Not much ...2009.06.25 03:43:00
- I followed the life discussion of the parliament last thursday. The Law is supposed to be directed o ...2009.06.23 20:15:00
- I always found the noteworthy part of FF games to be the story, the characters, and the fancy graphi ...2009.06.23 15:59:00
- "transparent alumina, which is a clear metal"*facepalm* ...2009.06.22 21:39:00
- Could be good ol' identity theft.If you're american, go to Annual Credit Report and you should be ab ...2009.06.22 21:26:00
- Chrono Cross > Chrono Trigger Parasite Eve 2Oh, and Zone of the Mother****ing Enders. That was some ...2009.06.21 22:56:00
- I would love to know where they got the $80,000 per track thing from, being that they're worth 99p. ...2009.06.21 15:50:00
- Am I the only one that hates tower defense games? ...2009.06.20 17:18:00
- They performed some work at the request of the legitimate government of a sovereign nation which is ...2009.06.20 13:56:00
- Well, a recent $1.9M ruling has said it is illegal so it is. I'm all for maximum penalties for pirat ...2009.06.20 01:56:00
- Well I was told that after a decade or so that the copyright becomes voided, that's why you see Free ...2009.06.20 01:52:00
- I've bought maybe 5 CDs in my life. All after I had downloaded most of the tracks. I think it is nei ...2009.06.20 01:46:00
- What did she download anyway, anything good?No. ...2009.06.20 00:32:00

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