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- I like it, for added fun, "wouldn't it be cool" if you power down near something that has a high eno ...2009.05.30 11:59:00
- This looks like a brilliant idea. I'd be happy to flog this dead horse =P ...2009.05.30 11:46:00
- Just bought a couple, I know they're out of stock but at that price I can wait. ...2009.05.04 11:36:00
- How about the useful and already implemented feature that shows you what implants are in the clone? ...2009.04.30 21:29:00
- Am I the only one who finds it annoying not having the ability to name the Jump Clones you have. If ...2009.04.30 17:57:00
- Joyeux Anniversaire! ...2009.04.25 14:30:00
- Whenever it comes out, I'm going to need a new rig... ...2009.04.18 11:56:00
- Don't seek revenge on a player who has wronged you. It takes too much time/effort/ISK to pull off an ...2009.04.16 12:52:00
- reply test ...2009.04.09 15:15:00
- I too had the the black screen of death when I applied the latest patch. As others have pointed out ...2009.03.26 23:14:00
- Edited by: Kasak Black on 18/03/2009 20:46:35 Wow that's literally INSANE. From 30FPS with everythi ...2009.03.18 20:44:00
- It's a great place to set-up and run your very first corporation. That's what I did all the way back ...2009.03.18 20:27:00
- I'm not a heavy EVE user, I once was. I would play a good 30 hours a week, but now I can't as RL alw ...2008.12.18 18:08:00
- Stuff like this is the reason I play EVE. Good stuff. ...2008.11.27 13:40:00
- Can someone explain to me the point of certificates? ...2008.11.12 00:24:00

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