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- seems like a very reasonable idea and far more realistic than having to physically visit an office. ...2005.12.30 00:45:00
- Edited by: Sharayar AlHami on 30/12/2005 00:35:59 After poking around the eve-wiki a little I was a ...2005.12.30 00:35:00
- Wow, 6 months later and people are still talking about such a "simple" feature? Obviously it would b ...2005.12.29 23:55:00
- Edited by: Sharayar AlHami on 29/12/2005 23:49:46 Edited by: Kraven Kor on 29/12/2005 23:01:22 htt ...2005.12.29 23:48:00
- I guess it's a testament to the great community when I get so much positive feedback with such a neg ...2005.12.29 22:15:00
- hmm, not sure if it matters but Covax was the first character i started and abandonded after the tut ...2005.12.29 02:17:00

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