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- Edited by: Alz Shado on 09/01/2010 16:40:21 edit: not online as indicated, withdrawn ...2010.01.09 16:37:00
- That's nice. Now how about that minifreighter we've been begging for? ...2009.08.21 16:15:00
- Yeah, I don't see this feature being abused at all.Obviously CCP must have completely solved the pro ...2009.08.03 18:00:00
- Why didn't you just to invert the tachyon beam through the deflector array, and use that to harmoniz ...2009.07.10 19:14:00
- The technology behind this opens up doors to making other types of bays, just for ammo, just for liv ...2009.07.01 13:00:00
- Edited by: Alz Shado on 18/06/2009 00:39:53 Just to play Devil's advocate, I'd ask if CCP was wonde ...2009.06.18 00:37:00
- It's about the Ammo, stupid.-T2 Hybrids don't have much of a penalty. More Cap? Minor Tracking hit? ...2009.06.17 20:57:00
- Edited by: Alz Shado on 08/02/2009 21:22:56 I stopped using the "official" client once I realized t ...2009.02.08 21:22:00
- One for Alz Shado, please ...2009.02.06 02:34:00
- Edited by: Alz Shado on 04/02/2009 02:42:50 fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it, fix it, ...2009.02.04 02:42:00
- Somewhat serious question.Will Wormholes with more than one 'exit' always be linked to system of the ...2009.01.26 22:13:00
- As long as these 'features' require mods that take up combat slots and probes that cost lots of isk, ...2009.01.26 21:46:00
- ...2009.01.24 19:57:00
- You should always sell your rat loot to the highest bidder.Always. ...2009.01.24 19:42:00
- The main reason is, noone really gives a rats ass about the tournament. I do. I did. ...2009.01.24 19:29:00

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