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- 80b Lol what are u smoking ...2011.08.31 10:36:00
- I'm feeling all nostalgic.Lots of formerly well known dudes that havent been around for years - an ...2011.08.27 13:50:00
- Bump because you used to make awesome Tempest vids ...2011.08.27 13:23:00
- I just wanted to point out that:EVE, EveBoard, The Internet in general...are all SUPPOSED to be a di ...2011.08.02 10:27:00
- First off, let me say that I love eveboard and its an awesome resource for the eve community.Being ...2011.07.14 11:25:00
- Tengu with projectiles.Is awesome.You heard it hear first.Oh and don't knock it if you haven't tri ...2011.07.10 11:20:00
- Inductee for Lasers Hall of FameLorpion orLengu ...2011.07.10 11:18:00
- I can't dl eve client in windows 7 wtf ? Each time the file fails to verify after dl and the eve r ...2011.07.02 18:22:00
- My character walks like a poof.Go figure! ...2011.06.22 11:49:00
- What is it? ...2011.06.17 11:20:00
- awesome toon but terrbile portrait tbh ...2011.05.21 12:21:00
- came looking for a bargain. Left disappointed. ...2011.05.21 12:19:00
- Just change your exisiting set up to add a couple of 1600 plates and trimarks and you should be go ...2011.04.02 11:47:00
- Not a single officer mod on there Its deadspace and faction stuff.Still a nice ship tho so bump ...2011.03.22 12:43:00
- o/Any other Eve players also play iMobsters on the iphone?If so, add my mob code: YARUNEI've just ...2010.07.08 11:51:00

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