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- I generally name my ships whatever I think of at the time...I try to think of names that sound like ...2004.10.24 02:34:00
- Ravens can wtfpwn anything in PvP...if you're happy with paying for all the torpedos and missiles. ...2004.10.23 16:53:00
- I use this setup for hunting the Angel Cartel (tough bastards too):H) 7x 425mm Rails w/ Thorium H) ...2004.10.16 22:58:00
- Edited by: Maya Rkell on 11/10/2004 11:33:25 You have a can in your station hanger with ~300 BPC's. ...2004.10.12 01:16:00
- MoLeH you bastard and I should borrow you a BS, while you have that much money. Get your lazy butt t ...2004.10.03 11:28:00
- Conclusion: Firefox and thunderbird are evil....or Windows is an evil crybaby ...2004.09.17 00:41:00
- Nice read. I especially liked the way that Sybex thought you 'owed him 20m' ...2004.09.15 01:17:00
- I can't remember specifically, it's been a while since I went on my uber sightseeing tour of eve. I ...2004.09.13 02:44:00
- I earnestly hope Zeepo isn't a scammer, I gave him our corp BPO's to research since he always seems ...2004.09.13 02:33:00
- 1 Capflux for nice cap charge (and %10 cap total loss)Why not use a cap relay (20% cap recharge, pe ...2004.09.13 02:31:00
- Edited by: Kaillam on 13/09/2004 02:14:33 Edited by: Kaillam on 13/09/2004 02:12:16 Edited by: Kai ...2004.09.13 02:06:00
- As for bounties, I don't get why more people don't understand that placing a bounty on an "enemy" i ...2004.09.09 21:37:00
- The sad thing is, it can't actually be noobs that fall for these scams. When was the last time you s ...2004.09.07 16:21:00

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