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- I think he means, dump skillpoints already trained from one skill into another. Which would break a ...2009.08.03 01:25:00
- Well I'm worrying. I also have an 8800gts 640MB and every time i run eve, even remaining at the logi ...2009.07.27 04:40:00
- The fitting screen (and EFT) assumes that the cap drain does not occur in one hit, but as a per-seco ...2009.07.27 04:37:00
- I suggest finding an independant server that hosts it, or finding that .torrent file. Downloading f ...2009.07.27 04:34:00
- Give NPCs PVP setups. Nerf number of NPCs, boost DPS. EG for L4: 2 BS, 2 T2 cruiser, 2 intercepto ...2009.07.27 04:30:00
- Simple damage notifications. ...2009.07.17 13:08:00
- I agree that they need a covops cloak. Every other class has one. ...2009.07.17 13:06:00
- Tasty thread. Boosting gates and nerfing Concord = bad though. Concord already have a 'deadspace' f ...2009.07.16 14:05:00
- Rollback drivers? Had a similar issue on Homeworld 2 recently, though that was with an ATI card. G ...2009.07.13 04:12:00
- Would be broken unless: Max armor regen rate was <10% max shield regen rate or Could only regen 1 ...2009.07.13 04:03:00
- LOL, no. ...2009.07.13 04:02:00
- Redirect bookmarks when mission is turned in. That way, mission runners have to either salvage as th ...2009.07.09 06:37:00
- At the moment there is only a rig to increase sentry damage, so unless you are on a Domix you cant r ...2009.06.25 12:08:00
- Put cruises on Tier 2 T2 BC hulls. Citadels too. Prolly not the same hull though. Also siege mod. ...2009.06.25 12:04:00

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