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- "..." ...2011.04.30 04:58:00
- They were AT prizes iirc.They appeared before the Alliance Tournaments. I think it was some special ...2010.07.18 22:39:00
- Thank you. That helps considerably. Looks like I just need to be patient and keep training those ski ...2010.07.17 21:23:00
- That's just how 0.0 works. If it isn't a friend, you shoot it, no questions asked. That newbie could ...2010.07.17 21:00:00
- Chavros~ ...2010.06.29 13:13:00
- Just as awesome as I was expecting. I was expecting some serious awesome. ...2010.06.26 22:39:00
- Yes you can. You can do multiple clients on different screens and you can do fullscreen stretched ac ...2010.06.05 23:09:00
- I am sure people are always happy to have extra help with their logistics (as long as they feel they ...2010.06.05 23:07:00
- Welcome back!Can we have Chapter II at some point as well please?Looking to both,AKI am co-opting th ...2010.06.02 14:11:00
- Absolutely supported. ...2010.05.31 16:51:00
- The whole point of having industrial accounts to make you money is that you don't have to farm anyth ...2010.05.25 19:32:00
- Do both. Run multiple accounts and use your industrial accouts to pay for themselves (with GTCs) and ...2010.05.25 19:01:00
- What would the purpose of this new ship be? Or do you just want another ship for the sake of it? ...2010.02.21 10:24:00
- Edited by: Asestorian on 21/02/2010 10:22:07 Warp disrupting is point based. A disruptor has one po ...2010.02.21 10:15:00
- I'd say you are starting to look pretty rich around 10b ISK. I suppose this can include assets. The ...2010.02.20 12:55:00

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