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- I like it!So true to life....sadly you couldn't add in 15 hours of mining in :PI have had the idea f ...2011.07.09 06:31:00
- Edited by: BondGamer on 09/07/2011 05:03:07 When I saw the new trailer by CCP I knew I had to make ...2011.07.09 05:01:00
- CCP should revoke EveNews24 3rd party license application for the slanderous stuff they have been po ...2011.06.26 06:14:00
- You could get off your couch and look out the station window.Oh wait. ...2011.06.25 05:51:00
- Edited by: BondGamer on 25/06/2011 04:10:25 Mittani announced on Eve Radio a short time ago that Go ...2011.06.25 04:10:00
- It took you all day to write a couple paragraphs how CCP is just doing their job and that people pay ...2011.06.24 21:29:00
- Edited by: BondGamer on 20/06/2011 08:07:29 Here is CCP's perspective:They spend months planning, p ...2011.06.20 08:07:00
- Are you sorry enough to forfeit your prizes? ...2011.06.19 23:06:00
- Edited by: BondGamer on 07/06/2011 01:13:58 I suspect it is virtually impossible to do what CCP wan ...2011.06.07 01:13:00
- If someone purchases an extravagant Fur Coat for say, 50 million Isk, would I be able to purchase a ...2011.05.27 16:27:00
- PLEX price is now up to 450 million. That is 55 million Isk in one day.How are those controls workin ...2011.05.27 15:33:00
- I am upset at CCP for their constant mistakes. By the way, CCP did notify us that the entry fee was ...2011.05.24 19:43:00
- Can Mittani c/d he screwed up Goonswarm's entry?c ...2011.05.24 19:34:00
- The logs show not.......................oh wait we have API logs.(At least until CCP deletes them) ...2011.05.24 19:07:00
- Real simple answer CCP: Yes, a ticket for Goonswarm Federation was in the hat. No, a ticket for Go ...2011.05.21 23:48:00

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