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- to many people taking up pi after they re-vamped it?This and believing they are free.I'm doing a ver ...2011.04.29 13:01:00
- Will volume #2 (the pvp guide) also be available in pdf? I read all my books on my iPad these days, ...2011.04.14 21:43:00
- In High-sec the profit is anywhere from 2.5M/planet/day to 5M+/planet day, but with around a 20M/pla ...2011.04.14 20:46:00
- I really like the Mentor, who do I need to bribe with some alcohol so that we'll get this ship relea ...2011.04.14 20:29:00
- If CCP goes bankrupt, everything ingame is worthless. Everything ingame already is worthless from a ...2011.04.07 12:46:00
- I'm certainly not going 'capture' one, there are saver ways to make isk, not to mention I'm in no po ...2011.04.07 11:58:00
- ~400 is a lot, almost a million units a day (if every moon is exploited). Last month in Jita there w ...2011.04.02 16:26:00
- I'm curious if there's a definitive list of Moon locations available (and the resources they contain ...2011.04.02 12:44:00
- The real profitability is pretty much out of the DC business. With maximum skills (6 agents, 2/3 in ...2011.04.01 16:27:00
- You might want to consider using two accounts with pilots running fully cargo rigged Iteron Vs with ...2011.03.28 16:13:00
- Thank you CCP, this makes life so much easier for us folks that sometimes need to reactivate their d ...2011.03.10 16:42:00
- IF CCP were to remove t2 BPOs, they shouldn't be converted to high run BPCs, give back the isk that ...2011.03.10 10:48:00
- I seem to remember that using dozens and dozens of secure containers to 'block' passage at a gate wa ...2011.03.09 21:06:00
- If some of you CSM candidates could carry the banner that CCP needs to announce it's patch days soon ...2011.03.08 10:39:00
- @Lethal Entrepreneur: I must be doing something really wrong with the rep grind, I've been doing it ...2011.02.16 08:54:00

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