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- Edited by: Vladimir Norkoff on 22/12/2010 19:47:45 Alternately fly Drakes and get more damage with ...2010.12.22 19:04:00
- ACs are pretty much mandatory on the droneboats. Even though some of them get nice hybrid bonuses, t ...2010.12.22 16:38:00
- Nice idea. Might want to take a look into Moros blasters vs structures though...Would need some seri ...2010.12.16 00:30:00
- It has it's niche uses. But the most part you are right.People keep saying "ooohhh long point" but t ...2010.12.11 18:50:00
- NOT SUPPORTED.The Moa model is pure sex. It's a pity that the ships that use it are generally less t ...2010.12.10 01:30:00
- When I nerf something, it takes 2-3 months for your dreams to be crushed.Pity it takes 10 times that ...2010.12.08 07:55:00
- 4. 'Pretend' to be nubs and whine in local. All the while, get a couple of non-mining buddies in fle ...2010.12.08 01:30:00
- stuffWhile I have great respect for your antics, I gotta say some of these problems/solutions really ...2010.12.07 10:19:00
- Whaaaaa!!! My frig got neuted!Come on. You remember how neuts were worse than useless. NOBODY used t ...2010.12.07 09:40:00
- No I won't. You might if you use this setup, but the only reason for that would be - you suck.Tony, ...2010.12.06 15:27:00
- You can detect it by doing as little as 5 seconds of research into what they are selling.Because nob ...2010.12.06 12:15:00
- Have all loot/salvage/ore given to the corp. Keep all the ISK for yourself. If anybody complains or ...2010.12.06 10:26:00
- Alternative solution - remove On-Board scanner, it`s useless.Really? I've found it quite useful for ...2010.12.06 10:16:00
- But come on guys he wants his own tech moon and his own belts in 0.0, where he can only be attacked ...2010.12.06 10:12:00
- OP does have a point. While scams are a tradition in EvE, the problem with this one is that you cann ...2010.12.06 10:04:00

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