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- I'm one of the people Halsoy is talking about.My roommates and myself, a total of 5 accounts, cancel ...2009.05.26 16:49:00
- Unacceptable. This needs to happen sooner. If you are concerned about the fix not working correctl ...2009.05.22 20:02:00
- Have we had enough time failboating? PVP is dead. Thus their is no reason to play the game. Rollb ...2009.05.22 16:47:00
- I don't get what it is so hard to understand in the fact that you only have to create a plot course, ...2009.05.20 15:09:00
- Edited by: Gut Punch on 20/05/2009 03:24:11 We've not been able to reproduce this error ourselves, ...2009.05.20 03:21:00
- WE are one of their biggest sources of testing, and WE didn't find this bug on SiSi when it was live ...2009.05.16 03:25:00
- Edited by: Gut Punch on 14/05/2009 20:37:48 Are you serious? I cannot believe what a tenuous grasp ...2009.05.14 20:37:00
- Bull****. This change has been on SiSi now for over a week with a large threadnaught going in the S ...2009.05.14 18:48:00
- Do you think you could create the global EVE Killboard as a part of the EVElopedia/CORPS thing? It ...2009.05.08 20:33:00
- We need to kill more titans this year. ...2009.05.04 17:54:00
- I've been running 3 box clients on a 2.4GHz laptop with Win7 Beta since it was released. I've had n ...2009.04.30 20:21:00
- This is what I get for prioritizing sleep over internet spaceships QFT. Wish I was there. :) ...2009.04.28 15:41:00
- Its pretty bad that NOTR have to ask people to come out to their end of space. Congrats on getting ...2009.04.22 20:36:00
- Edited by: Gut Punch on 21/04/2009 02:30:55 Edited by: Gut Punch on 21/04/2009 02:29:29 I've got t ...2009.04.21 02:29:00
- Polycarb rigged vaga owners are laughing cruely right about now. You are so right you have no clue ...2009.04.15 21:32:00

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