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- PLEX for starving 3rd world country run by rogue dictators who butcher thousands and starve children ...2011.03.14 17:08:00
- All you have to do is be like me and have 90+ Million SP, all your weapon and drone skills trained t ...2011.03.14 06:35:00
- Image changed to a link. Spitfire ...2011.03.14 06:23:00
- The game that EVE Online is almost 95% based on, Tradewars 2002, used to reset after a time limit. ...2011.01.29 15:52:00
- After four days of meticulous work... I decided *screw it* and stole Neesa's portrait and hoped nobo ...2011.01.29 15:37:00
- I was using the 266.58 drivers at first, but I keep getting sudden blue screens while playing since ...2011.01.23 13:45:00
- Me three ...2011.01.22 17:21:00
- A few more observations:1) If I change my v-sync settings from Interval 1, to Interval Immediate.. ...2011.01.22 17:10:00
- I spent several hours working on my character to make her look exactly the way she looked when I was ...2011.01.22 14:39:00
- I logged in after the most recent patch into my usual fixed window 1680x1050 mode to find that every ...2011.01.22 14:35:00
- As someone who has deployed thousands of patches, technical bulletins and security updates on thousa ...2011.01.18 13:42:00
- If Jump Bridges were removed, it would be one of the single best positive changes for null sec in a ...2011.01.18 13:18:00
- If you paint your processor red, it will go faster.Also, if you really have a processor that old, th ...2011.01.17 01:55:00
- I consider myself to be extremely discerning with my eyes. In fact, I paint 25mm scale models every ...2011.01.03 20:21:00
- StuffYou're absolutely wrong about me. I'm not a fanboi of any particular GPU. In fact, I do a lot ...2011.01.03 04:00:00

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