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- bump ...2011.09.05 07:23:00
- who yer takin with yer? ...2011.09.01 10:07:00
- ok, skipped straight from the bottom of page 1 to sumwhere deep into page 4.remember the days of hav ...2011.08.24 22:58:00
- Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh ...2011.08.24 09:42:00
- Rent set to 500 mil every 2 weeks. PAY or **** or GTFOyour Choiceoh well, time to quit eve i guess ...2011.08.24 08:32:00
- last time i looked at the map, the isle of man was between ireland and other news..POTATO ...2011.08.23 00:07:00
- sweaty armpit raiders the short bus squad mafia soul collectors brutor tribe <- wins ...2011.07.06 21:40:00
- HTA....where??? Oh sorry....flash backs..had fun wiv them u know la la la la ...2011.07.06 21:30:00
- " I don't wannna close my eyes... I don't wanna fall asleep...""cause i miss u Dennis and i dont wan ...2011.07.05 12:33:00
- im a convicted/MM double agent so i'll shoot myself!!!!!bump for Mel's alliance cause he gerrin to o ...2011.06.28 11:07:00
- I love you."Captain there is something strange on the overview"..."What is that Ensign?""A number of ...2011.06.10 22:51:00
- Edited by: Lups on 07/06/2011 11:28:34 I look forward to killing your alliance a third timeMaybe th ...2011.06.07 11:27:00
- I hate to burst your Snot bubble but most of NC i have spoken to are quite happy to be free of the b ...2011.06.07 11:23:00
- NC going out with a queef. I guess all good things must end. Some poor guys in NC can't pay for thei ...2011.06.05 23:42:00
- jamus ate my hamster i loved that lil guy ...2011.06.05 16:07:00

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