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- How will EVE be affected is Dust is a flop?The games don't require each other to work.But, my dear F ...2011.06.07 10:25:00
- Hi, I am Eve Player and PS3 owner and have been waiting for Dust for a looooong time :). Any news ...2011.06.07 09:59:00
- I will say this though, DUST 514 looks absolutely stunning!!!!CCP Shadow:Thanks Kyuss. And our goa ...2011.06.07 09:44:00
- Commitment to Excellence Mk 2, Lets push this all the way. ...2011.04.10 13:40:00
- Lets get one thing straight: The forums are not the EVE community. They are merely a part of it (and ...2011.03.18 15:06:00
- FFS use next time you create another thread.I w ...2011.03.16 16:14:00
- Am now unable to run the 'Fix Singularity Client' function using the tool. I get this: Restoring fo ...2011.03.16 16:10:00
- I've set up a SiSi client using the tool and get the 'Incompatible Protocol' message when I try to l ...2011.03.16 16:05:00
- A lot of what has happened over the last year that was instigated by the CSM has been behind the sce ...2011.02.07 14:21:00
- Here's mine: Linkage ...2011.02.07 12:50:00
- This is a great way to get into the wider community of EVE. All the power of a wordpress blog but wi ...2011.01.27 22:53:00
- Onions. He knows his. Read well and note his advice.Awesome blog. ...2011.01.20 23:36:00
- This would be great if the server was responding.I get a 404 when I try to look at my old portrait ...2011.01.19 14:37:00
- +1 to the aboveEON is Forever! ...2010.12.13 12:31:00
- 79 reads and not one troll? Who are you and what have you done with the real EVE Forums.I'm taking t ...2010.12.02 20:03:00

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