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- Everyone who has been playing the single player version of the game is about to take a wake up call ...2008.11.05 11:00:00
- Yes!! Yeeesss!!! YYeeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Seriously, without Ghost train ...2008.10.29 16:27:00
- I am a forum troll, which means i need to believe that i think creatively in order to make the best ...2008.10.29 11:04:00
- Edited by: CALUGARU on 29/10/2008 10:07:06it's simply the freedom of choice playstile & respect no ...2008.10.29 10:58:00
- Go play WoW. That's the game you are looking for.EVE Online is a spaceshipbattlegame.You sit in 5 st ...2008.10.29 09:59:00
- Edited by: HENODE PRAVIA on 27/10/2008 21:28:49 Well... The end of casual, mature, with RL, short ...2008.10.27 21:28:00
- Lately,this is happening to me, in missions when trying to lock a target: ...2008.05.09 09:27:00
- My wife comes to the room, look at the monitor and asks me:- Are you now a Pirate?- weeelll, not yet ...2008.05.06 20:27:00
- ... I find that an afterburner is usually more than enough for most tanking purposes as rats hardly ...2008.04.28 19:39:00
- There's only one TRUTH, and is far of this clueless, pointless and useless discussion.Ah, but when t ...2008.03.27 17:51:00
- Dunno if this is really useful, but i have realized that when i get disconnected, also my lan connec ...2008.01.03 11:13:00
- Yet another useless post in the way "you dont play as i like...go to WoW" "im powerfull you weak..s ...2007.06.10 21:59:00
- It's all about the same: I want the GAME in my own way.All the others point of view are crap, whinni ...2007.05.03 19:04:00

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