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- You are literally the worst poster in the history of posting. ...2010.12.13 01:37:00
- Ganker tears best tears. Forum idiots are not an accurate representation of anyone other than the ...2010.12.09 03:38:00
- Edited by: Culmen on 09/12/2010 03:01:43 Yes.The storys involving killing logged off super caps use ...2010.12.09 03:34:00
- You can shoot them. If they shoot back, they get Concorded.False. Since you're obviously not famil ...2010.11.22 23:06:00
- Not from a "OMG nerf this i keep getting war decced" point of view, that'd happen anyway, but from a ...2010.11.17 00:45:00
- Were these lies? Was all the "the sphere" stuff invented by PL just to flame other players making ...2010.11.15 07:03:00
- One PLEX per person per week. And you get help from the faction navies vice CONCORD. ...2010.11.12 22:53:00
- Why not ?Nononono. That's not how this works. You're the one who wants to change something; the burd ...2010.09.27 12:16:00
- For the most part EVERYTHING is consensual in this game Are you sure you haven't confused Eve wit ...2010.09.25 21:56:00
- These accusations are utterly preposterous. Pandemic Legion only recruits the most honoUrable space ...2010.09.07 03:58:00
- Hey, remember when PL had Fountain?Me neither.I'm sure BRUCE will be pleased to learn of this new de ...2010.09.07 03:42:00
- Hey, Remember when Lana Torrin was someone? Yea, me neither...Hey, remember when people actually ca ...2010.09.06 05:33:00
- Gas (sarin ought to do the trick) OP, ban thread. ...2010.09.04 04:44:00
- Instead of arguing with a flagrant troll, the wiser course of action would be to simply ignore his t ...2010.08.24 00:52:00
- Gneeznow, I miss you something awful bud. ...2010.08.24 00:01:00

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