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- I support this. Some of my best EVE-memories come from Aurora scripted events. ...2008.10.29 18:45:00
- Change the font to something reasonable, this will eliminate this problem. ...2008.09.22 11:36:00
- May be moving somewhere new soon, so I was looking to print out some hires screenies on glossy A3 pa ...2008.09.19 16:16:00
- :D :D :D yay for API goodness \o/ Today's a happy EVE day for me, my model Apoc arrived as well :D ...2008.09.19 16:12:00
- It's a pity - I would have loved to have sat in a cramped cockpit with flashing LEDs and switches ev ...2008.09.18 14:21:00
- Somone post pics of the apoc model, people only seem to buy the mega so far :(My Apoc has been shipp ...2008.09.18 10:23:00
- Looks alright but these things cost the equivalent of over $400 (About 200) for people in the UK.I ...2008.09.17 17:25:00
- ...2008.09.17 13:31:00
- That looks pretty good, I have to say - the detail on the model looks extremely fine. Is it removabl ...2008.09.17 13:11:00
- Just use EVE standard time == GMT. ...2008.09.12 12:06:00
- Lol another overhyped MMORPG. Does anyone even remember what PotBS even stand for?EVE has not died d ...2008.09.11 22:25:00
- Edited by: Haverloth on 11/09/2008 22:22:00 Edited by: Nayleen on 11/09/2008 16:11:48 Well, that b ...2008.09.11 22:22:00
- Sorry, didnt' get a chance last night. I just heard though that an r329 is available. Try digging ar ...2008.09.09 14:13:00
- Edited by: Haverloth on 09/09/2008 12:47:56 Yeah, I was watching all the trailers the other day, an ...2008.09.09 12:46:00
- /me sighs and reminisces 4k players online. All of ship controls were in that circular dial. The ...2008.09.09 12:43:00

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